1. How many is your MOQ? 5000 pcs, but sometimes we accept 2400 pcs too, only if we can buy the materials from our supplier, since they have their MOQ too. 2. Can I have mixed order, with 3 or 4 colors, or 4 fragrances mixed? Yes 3. How is the whole process going? First, we make samples for you, send photos for your first confirmation, and then send to you by express for your twice confirmation. Once you confirmed, we will send you a PI to collect deposit from you, which is 30% of the total sum. When your deposit confirmed, we will get started to buy materials and then get into mass production. When the cargo is ready for delivery, I will send inspection photos to you, or you can come to our factory to inspect the cargo. Once you confirmed the cargo, I will send you a balance invoice, and then you pay the balance. Once your balance payment confirmed, we will deliver your cargo immediately. 4. What payment you prefer? We prefer T/T, 30% deposit first. 5. Do you charge for samples? Normally, we won't charge our old clients, but if there is cost to get the bottles, or make samples of color box and labels, there will be cost, so we will charge for those. Sometimes, we don't charge clients overseas, but the express fee is paid by them. We charge not because there is profit in it, but to show your sincerety. 6. Will the sampling fee and mould fee be return back to us? Yes, if your order quantity is big, we would like to return the sampling fee and mould fee back to you.

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