Revitalizing Magic Facial Mask

  • Type;Sheet facial mask
  • Volume:29ml *5
  • Feature:Whitening, Refreshing, Moisturizing
  • OEM/ODM:Available
  • Package: Available
  • Shelf time: 3years

With the superior repair strength, the skin looks like experiencing the top luxury SPA treatments. Original ecological skin-friendly mask material, special tailored to fit the face, like people’s second skin. Active penetration, the extract is soon absorbed, intensively repair every inch of skin. Providing a rare luxury extreme to create a vibrant young skin. With the unique beauty repair essence as the main ingredient, it can improve the abundance and elasticity of skin, keep skin native full radiance, tightness. Let you immediately feel its five major effects: bright, tender, moisturizing, elastic, meticulous, presenting youthful luster.

Sodium Hyaluronate、Trehalose moisturizing factor、aminoacid、vitaminB6、peppermint oil、、43%Apls Sping Water、lactic acid、glycerine、butanediol、 EGTA disodium,3-o-ethyl ascorbyl ether,licorice flavonoids,collagen peptide

How to use :
1.Please wash your face with weak acidic facial cleanser, then mix the EGF and the activating solvent, strain the mixture into the unsealing bag, take out the mask and apply it gently on the face, the Pearlised film on top and the other one underneath, remove the Pearlised film 5minutes later then the Cotton Style 25minutes.

2.At the beauty salon, to get better effect,use microacupunoture or ultrasonic apparatus for EGF permeation, and then apply it gently on the face.

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